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CHARM is the Community Hospitals Association's knowledge and resources website, dedicated to promoting research and good practice. Our mission is to share knowledge of community hospitals in order to continually improve community hospital services for patients, families and whole communities. This knowledge can also help to inform decision-making on planning, providing, developing and commissioning healthcare.  


We work with academic and third sector partners, as well as commissioners, providers, GPs and communities across the whole health and social care sector for the benefit of patient care.


The Community Hospitals Association for England, Wales and Northern Ireland offers membership to individuals as well as organisations such as NHS Trusts and Leagues of Friends.  Please follow links for the forms for becoming a member 


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Community Hospitals Association Research Media


Research Study Published!
"Community hospitals can provide a wide range of potentially integrative services, suggesting that a more strategic role for community hospitals in England may be timely"
RAND Study available here 


Community Hospitals Association Research Media


"I wish I had come across this website with the research hub on it a few months back."


Commissioning Manager


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University of Leeds Study

1. A study to understand and optimise community hospital ward care in the NHS

What does"good" look like? If all community hospitals operated at high performance, what would be the impact on the use of secondary care?

Professor John Young   University of Leeds


University of Birmingham Study »
2. Profiling and comparing the characteristics, patient experience and community value of the classic community hospital

Where are they, what do they do, what do patients think of them and how are communities involved?


Professor Jon Glasby University of Birmingham
Rand Europe Study

3. Advancing community hospitals and services in the NHS: learning from national and international experiences

What does the literature say about CHs, and what is the function, quality and cost of community hospitals internationally?


Dr Ellen Nolte RANDEurope