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University of Birmingham Viewpoint  "Community hospitals - discovering a new model of care?"  


Dr Helen Tucker was invited by the University of Birmingham to write a blog, setting out her views on community hospitals and describe how they are changing. The article compares the origins and history of community hospitals to their current and potential role. The article describes major changes in services and providers in community hospitals.  She suggests that traditional features of the community hospital model fit well with the aspirations of the NHS and "new models of care." To read the article please follow this link.

Viewpoint was written by Dr Helen Tucker, President of the Community Hospitals Association. 




Draft Report on Community Hospitals Submitted to NIHR


The team of researchers at the University of Birmingham have just completed the first draft of their report on community hospitals, and this has now been submitted to the NIHR. The team has been led by Professor Jon Glasby, with the project manager, Deborah Davidson. When published, this will make new contributions to the knowledge on community hospitals.




Community Hospitals Association Conference Presentations




It's Personal - Understanding Patient Experiences of Community Hospitals


Deborah Davidson, Angela Ellis-Paine and Nick Le Mesurier gave a presentation of initial findings of the interviews with patients, carers, staff volunteers and community in 9 community hospitals.  This was given at the 2017 CHA conference and is available to download here



Professor Jon Glasby recorded a talk on the role of community hospitals which is available here.


In this talk, Jon Glasby says that community hospitals have a key role to play, and says that if community hospitals don't have the answer then in one sense, who does. Jon Glasby talks of the challenging policy context, but also says that this is an opportunity to think through:

What role do we play

What are we good at

What do we value

How do we mainstream that

How can we be proactive and be on the front foot


The talk is a valuable contribution to the discussions at the conference on the strategic role of community hospitals, and the future of this model of service.





Deborah Davidson and Angela Ellis-Paine gave a presentation at the CHA conference in May 2016 which provided an update on the progress of the study. They also ran a workshop for delegates to help define community hospitals, identify characteristics, and discuss types of community hospitals.




The team publishes a regular newsletter setting out progress on the study. 

A University of Birmingham HSMC progress report



Charitable Support for Community Hospitals


Daiga Kamerāde and John Mohan from the Third Sector Research Centre at University of Birmingham analysed the financial support received by community hospitals.  They concluded that"Community hospitals receive a substantial financial support from their communities; however, this support has been declining is sensitive to macroeconomic changes - while it is generous during economic growth, it can substantially decline during economic recessions."

"Mapping community-based financial charitable support for community hospitals in England and Wales 1: first findings."



Viewpoint on Community Hospitals 


The University of Birmingham offers an opportunity for opinions to be shared through a"viewpoint" area on their website. 

"Local people clearly have confidence in their local hospital service, and when creating community capacity to enable more people to be treated outside of acute hospitals, this would seem to be a strong basis to build on."  

The Essence of Community Hospitals  Dr Helen Tucker



Briefing for Parliamentary Debate


A briefing paper was prepared by Helen Tucker to inform a debate in the House of Commons on the future of community hospitals, and this was shared across the Health Services Management Cantre of the University of Birmingham.

"The way that local people demonstrate their trust in their community hospital and the way they value the service may be viewed as a credit to the local NHS and a significant achievement. Ideally this should indicate that community hospitals are a positive platform for community-based services, and can serve the role as a hub for integrated health and social care."  

Parliamentary Debate on Community Hospitals