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The CHA works closely with our Scottish colleagues in the Scottish Association of Community Hospitals (SACH) Alumni, and in the Community Hospitals and Intermediate Care Networks (CHIN) and between us offer support across the UK.


The Scottish Association of Community Hospitals Alumni (SACH) commissioned a report to review the achievements of the association over its their 30-year history, and to review the impact on the role and development of community hospitals over this period.  The report was launched at a national conference for GPs, trainee doctors and potential clinical leaders.  Key questions were posed, such as:   

  • How to make the most of community hospitals for the benefit of the patient?
  • How best to encourage and support medical students to consider becoming GPs and in particular GPs who work in community hospitals?

The objective of the conference was to prepare for Building Capacity in the Community by supporting GPs through by education, making the most of the community and community hospital and underpinning this through the new GP contract.

The conference reports are available for download:


SACH Alumni Report – Executive Summary
SACH Alumni Report
Conference Programme
Conference Proceedings Report
Conference Appraisal
Conference Workshop Discussions



Dr Alastair Noble
Dr Helen Tucker
Dr Ed Wallace
Dr Gordon Peterkin
Dr Rob Liddell